18 internal communication strategies for 2021

As we finally come out of the dark tunnel that was the pandemic year of 2020, we find ourselves in the new, post-Covid world. What this means for businesses remains unclear. But one thing is certain: businesses will need to utilize effective internal business communication tools and strategies to ensure that all members of the company are ready for any changes that may occur.

In this article, we will outline 18 internal communication strategies for businesses in 2021.

  1. Ensure that everyone is aware of all staff communication tools: Every single member of your company needs to know what internal business communication tools are available and how to use them.
  2. Utilize staff communication tools that entertain your team: The new generation of workers in the field are looking for fun and relaxed environments wherever possible. Making your communications engaging and enjoyable for your staff will help to ensure that they actually read and follow up on the messages.
  3. Incorporate usable data: Sharing data about the company and individual performances at different times can help to motivate staff members and keep them from getting discouraged.
  4. Don’t “over-communicate”: The overabundance of information may lead to staff members skimming and ignoring communication.
  5. Be transparent: If there is an important message about which your company has been waiting to hear an update, don’t leave them hanging.
  6. Highlight staff and company success: Using your internal business communication tools to congratulate or highlight an accomplishment of a staff member can boost morale significantly.
  7. Bring awareness to available training and resources: If you have management trainings and other options available for your staff, let them know about it.
  8. Gather data from communications: Using staff communication tools that allow you to extract analytics from your company-wide messages can help you to tailor your future meetings and briefings.
  9. Encourage cooperation and collaboration: Of the internal business communication tools that companies should consider, those that emphasize collaboration should be at the top of the list.
  10. Inspire your team: Your staff communication tools should be used in such a way that your company feels inspired after absorbing the message you’ve sent to them.
  11. Implement “all-way” communication: The internal communication tools in an organization should be able to be used in all ways: between employees, employees to superiors, and superiors to employees.
  12. Convey industry information: Internal communication strategies in an organization that let their team know how others in the same field are doing are helpful for comparison and morale.
  13. Encourage appropriate social media use: Allowing employees to post pictures of themselves working at their desks on their social media page can improve brand awareness and employee satisfaction.
  14. Plan for communications: Internal communication tools in an organization should be well planned before the meeting takes place or the message is sent.
  15. Keep clients in mind. Staff communication tools can be used to highlight client profiles and allow insight into their interests.
  16. Allow feedback: Internal business communication tools should encourage feedback from staff.
  17. Use a variety of communication methods: People respond well to multiple methods of communication such as video, audio, and written.
  18. Use marketing principles: Consider the individuality within your company and tailor your messages to individual interests.

Use the right communication tool

As more and more employees work from home or remote locations away from the office, technology plays an important part in business communications. Using multiple tools for communications such as chat, email, cloud documents, calls, and social media creates information silos. Many conversations are related. They may start with an email, continue with a chat and end up with a to do.

A SaaS-based productivity tool like Clariti can be of immense help since it supports all commonly used communication forms in one app. There is no time wasted switching apps. Besides, Clariti automatically connects all related items in TopicFolders making it very easy to see the big picture. TopicFolders increase productivity as they eliminate the need to search for information. Clariti is a web-based freemium software. You can start for free and upgrade to premium features only if needed.

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