25 Best team communications tools for the modern workplace in 2022

A. The landscape of today’s modern workplace

B. Importance of team communication tool in hybrid workplace

  • Maintain constant communication and connection
  • Ensure consistency and streamlined organization
  • Create an infrastructure across employees in all locations and time zones

C. Why you should consider a team communication tool

D. How to select the best team communication tool for your needs

E. 25 best team communication tools

1. Clariti

  • TopicFolders keep information streamlined and simplified — With Clariti, not only can teams chat, but they can also work with all other communication forms naturally. Clariti supports email, chat, and shared documents, among others, to exchange information. Not only does Clariti bring all the information in one place, but it also connects all the related information in TopicFolder.
  • Easy access from anywhere — Clariti is a web-based application that is accessible from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection. Since Clariti is cloud-based, no installation or download is required.
  • Best of all, it’s free! Clariti is exceptionally convenient and easy to use. There is no training or complicated learning steps required. Learn more about the benefits and improvements that Clariti can offer you and your team.

2. Microsoft Teams

3. Missive

4. Biteable

5. FrontApp

6. Basecamp

7. FreeConferenceCall

8. Zoom

9. Cisco Webex

10. Fleep.io

11. Freshdesk

12. Hiverhq.com

13. Zoho Workplace

14. Chatwork

15. Slack

16. Google Workspace

17. Spike

18. Twist

19. Flowdock

20. Asana

21. Trello

22. Flock

23. Chanty

24. Troop Messenger

25. Discord

F. Conclusion



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