8 killer features of a good online collaboration tool and how Clariti nails them all

1. Multi-channel Collaboration

Clariti has them all

2. Multi-inbox Email support

Clariti consolidates multiple email accounts

3. One-on-one Communication

Clariti allows more functionalities within the direct chat

4. Many-to-many communication

Clariti’s group chat is more flexible and convenient

Other key features of Clariti’s group chat

  • Ability to add or remove participants on-the-go. This flexibility cannot be there in other apps that are channel-based.
  • You can move any group chat to a TopicFolder where other related communication is stored.
  • You can create a to-do directly from the chat. Later, when the to-do is triggered, you will understand the context.
  • You can compose a mail with chat as reference.
  • You can share one chat as reference and begin another chat.
  • You can choose to pin any chat for future and quick reference.

5. Instant share of chats and emails

How Clariti allows you to share email and chat content instantly

6. File Sharing

Context-based file sharing

7. Built in safety features

Clariti is safe and secure

8. Clariti is free forever

SaaS tools make collaboration a breeze



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Clariti is a business productivity web app that brings your emails, chats, call, to-dos, & shared documents… in one app.