8 Ways to increase productivity in the workplace

3 min readApr 27, 2021

There is a lot that goes on in a workplace. More often than not, the level of productivity is not always consistent throughout the year. Productivity eventually affects profits in a business, and any business owner aims at increasing productivity all year long. Here are eight ways to increase productivity.

  1. You have to be open to changes in how your business is running currently. To ensure that employees prioritize tasks, you can provide them with a plan and have them make lists on what to start with and which tasks to do later depending on the urgency of the tasks; this way, employees will work efficiently because a plan would guide them.
  2. You have to learn to delegate to ensure that a lot of work is done in a considerably small amount of time. Doing a lot of work alone frustrates you, and over time you tend to reduce the amount of work you can do. Giving responsibilities to your employees who are qualified and you can trust to perform tasks well. Having faith in your employees gives them the morale to work hard and provide a sense of achievement in their career. Delegation is beneficial to your company and is sure to increase productivity.
  3. To increase productivity, you have to reduce distractions. Social media is a huge killer of productivity in any workplace. It would be ideal to have no phones at a workplace; however, it is very impractical, so you cannot do away with social media entirely at your workplace. Therefore, you can encourage your employees to turn off their phones while working and have them on during breaks; this way, you can keep them focused and engaged during work hours.
  4. You can provide the necessary and appropriate tools so that duties can be performed efficiently and promptly without delay. Can you imagine how much work it would be to write all copies of an email because the keyboard doesn’t work? You can save time and effort with the right tools; modern equipment of high quality creates a huge difference in your workplace.
  5. A conducive working place with improved working conditions improves productivity. A well air-conditioned room with comfortable working temperatures increases the concentration of employees. More concentration translates to increased productivity in a workplace. You have to provide conducive working conditions for your employees if you are looking to increase productivity.
  6. Employees require support. They also need realistic goals to be set for them. As a business owner, you need to have a clear sense of whether your employees perform highly or not. It is good also to have big goals for your company, however, you have to offer achievable goals. You have to clarify expectations and help your employees to attain their expected clear goals to increase productivity. Ambiguity clouds the main goal of productivity.
  7. You have to motivate, reward and encourage your employees to increase productivity. Telling an employee, they are doing a great job and giving them positive and constructive criticism motivates them to do more work. To cultivate a sense of fulfillment for the employee and motivate the rest to do better, you have to indicate an employee’s success. You can also offer your employees incentives to improve productivity.
  8. A happy worker is a productive worker. A stressful environment of work will not yield the results you were hoping for. A high level of absenteeism among employees is very common, especially in areas with very stressful conditions. Employees are happy when they are appreciated, respected, and valued. It is gratifying and improves the productivity in your workplace.




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