How to increase business productivity of hybrid teams

Hybrid Workplace

Why improve productivity

Four essential components of productivity

1. Your ability to plan

2. Your desire to remain focused

3. Making the right choices

4. Consistency

Three types of productivity

1. Technological Productivity

  1. Clariti — a free SaaS tool that brings all communications from email, chats, calls, cloud documents and social feeds to one place and links related communications in TopicFolders. This eliminates information silos and drives productivity by eliminating time wasted searching for information.
  2. Time Doctor — tracks time spent by the team on each project, client and task, increasing accountability and driving productivity.
  3. — is a productivity application that uses music to stimulate the brain and helps boost focus.
  4. Nebo — automatically formats handwritten notes to text saving time having to transcribe information by typing to an online text editor.
  5. StayFocusd — keeps track of all the sites you are browsing at work and automatically blocks sites that consume most of your time.
  6. HazeOver — when multitasking using multiple windows HazeOver removes all distractions by automatically highlighting the window you are currently working on and fades out all other inactive windows.
  7. Panda — go-to-app to keep yourself updated on all the latest news and industry insights in one place.
  8. Plan — calendar and task management app that makes sure you don’t let things fall through the cracks.
  9. Harvest — time management software that will put all your day-to-day activities in perspective and help you strategize your time better.
  10. Spark — helps automatically prioritize emails in your inbox by popping the important ones to the top.

2. Managerial Productivity

a. Providing autonomy

b. Promoting intrinsic motivation

c. Recognizing sources of influence

d. Setting expectations and following up

3. Team Productivity

  • a. Engaged employees — who are 38% more likely to have above average productivity based on a Gallup survey
  • b. Attract talent — millennials relish the opportunity to engage, interact and learn from senior management.
  • c. Increased productivity — implementing collaborative processes and networking tools improved productivity by 20–30% in global software development teams, based on a study by McKinsey & Co.
  • d. Employee retention — according to the Work Institute an estimated 41 million people voluntarily quit their job every year. It is clear that the millennial workforce will not hesitate to change jobs if they feel the company is not the right fit for them.




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Clariti is a business productivity web app that brings your emails, chats, call, to-dos, & shared documents… in one app.