How To Make Professional Communication Uncomplicated

4 min readFeb 8, 2019


We all know the struggle of trying to communicate efficiently with our coworkers and bosses. Different perspectives can interpret messages in different ways and confusion can occur while our message gets lost in the mess. Context-based communication seems near impossible especially with the millions of disconnected platforms we all communicate on every day. To help with this dreaded chaos, we created this list of tips to get you through your work day with minimal confusion.

  1. LISTEN!

Don’t just hear, genuinely listen. No matter what level you are at on the totem pole, listening is essential to any successful communication.

2. Clearly Communicate.

As John Mayer would say, say what you need to say. Get to the point, there is no need to beat around the bush. Clear communication saves employees time and being direct always works out for the better.

3. Ask Questions.

If you don’t understand something, ask so you can understand! If you aren’t understanding something chances are someone else has the same question too. Trying to complete a task without the proper knowledge will end up just leading to more time wasted.

4. Stay in Context.

Make sure that whoever you are communicating with understands what you are talking about. Lay the background of the conversation before jumping into your questions or feedback.

5. Give explanations.

Explain your reasoning, and thoroughly explain your ideas. Do not assume the other person has the same knowledge of the subject as you. Be sure to provide necessary details so they can understand the big picture.

6. Learn your coworkers, bosses, and employees preferred communication styles.

Learning how your recipients like to be communicated with will lead to better understanding and overall communication. If someone doesn’t like emailing, they probably won’t get back to you as fast on this medium.

7. Use Technology- it’s helpful!

There are apps for everything, including apps that make you a better communicator. The use of technology is inevitable and super helpful. Want to work from home? Need a response in 5 minutes? It’s all possible with communication apps! See our recent blog How to Choose the Right Business Collaboration Tool to help you pick out the best tool for your organization.

8. Be Open.

Be open to suggestions and criticism. Stubbornness won’t get you anywhere, especially in a workplace setting.

9. Communicate regularly.

It is important to communicate frequently to remain on the same page and continue to build a healthy professional relationship.

10. Give feedback.

It is important to not only listen and hear, but to respond. Respond to messages in a timely manner to keep the conversation going.

Hopefully these tips will help improve your workday. Clariti is one app that is here to help improve your business communications. Leave us a comment on your best tip for effective communication.




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