How too many productivity tools can make you feel unproductive

There’s a significant amount of pressure in today’s work environment to get as many things done as possible within a given workday. Most companies use various platforms to keep employees on task and to make sure they’re always doing something throughout the day. We live in a culture where people are rewarded for their productivity. People are always trying to find better tools to increase their productivity. But how many tools are too many tools, and when does it cause you to be unproductive?

The Working Environment

However constant reminders of things needing to be accomplished and the distractions from emails and messages being sent throughout the day can be distracting, leading to mistakes.

The Biggest Distraction: Team Messaging

You’re never officially alone when people can reach you at any time. This new ability to communicate more easily is helpful for productivity in many ways. Still, it can also work as an extra distraction and stifle your productivity in the long run. This may be why many companies currently have rules about how their team messaging should be used throughout the day. There’s usually a disclaimer about not using the chat for casual conversations. Sometimes it’s good to be unreachable and be able to truly focus on the task at hand.

Finally, a team messaging app that doesn’t kill productivity

Chat-in-channel style forces rank and file users still dependent on emails to juggle separate apps for communication. This saps productivity immensely. Clariti introduces a new genre of Messaging 2.0 apps to transition users from a largely email-only world to one with email, chat, and calls, and much more to address the needs of every worker, not just the savvy few.

Right from its introduction, Clariti supported multiple communication apps including email, chat, calls, documents, and to-dos, and automatically connected related communications in threads. Clariti took the familiar files-in-folder concept and repurposed it for all work.

Clariti introduces TopicFolders on the Web that looks and feels like Desktop Folders but does so much more. Unlike Desktop Folders that can only store files, TopicFolders hold emails, chats, documents, to-dos, and calls. Continue working with emails, chatting with coworkers, sharing documents, and whatever else you do at work. Clariti works behind the scenes to keep all your work organized by topic in a TopicFolder. Automatically. Without the hassle.

In Conclusion



Clariti is a business productivity web app that brings your emails, chats, call, to-dos, & shared documents… in one app.

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Clariti is a business productivity web app that brings your emails, chats, call, to-dos, & shared documents… in one app.