Searching for a Microsoft Teams alternative!

3 min readApr 27, 2021


If you’re a business looking for an alternative to Microsoft Teams, there are many apps out there. The challenging part is finding the right software that’ll work for you and your teams. After all, collaboration and productivity are essential to your business moving forward.

While it’s hard to debate that Microsoft is a powerhouse in the IT industry, there are other options, especially if you’re not savvy using Microsoft tools or products. Every business is different, and some tools don’t always fit the needs. Fortunately for you, Clariti is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Teams.

Why it’s Essential to Consider Alternatives to Microsoft Teams

Not every app or product will be suitable for everyone. It may also come down to you not liking it or that the features offered don’t blend with your business needs. There are even more reasons, including cost amongst others. While some may offer free versions, these may prove limiting. As a small business, paying for a high-dollar app may not necessarily be in your budget.

Clariti as an Alternative to Microsoft Teams

You’ve probably already searched and found countless apps. Picking one can prove trial and error, and no one has time for that. Look at what your business needs.

Clariti is ideal for small businesses that would like to boost team collaboration. The free app allows you to drive business productivity by staying organized using TopicFolders. The app is the best alternative to Microsoft and Slack, thanks to the integration of email, chat, calls, cloud storage, and to-do features under one roof. It is the perfect tool to choose when you want to promote team messaging and replace the delays caused by emails.

Clariti goes the extra mile to provide links between new communications and existing emails or messages. Doing so helps preserve context and takes away the need to search for information because it is automatically organized in TopicFolders.

Clariti was built with small businesses in mind. With fully integrated features like email, chat, audio calls, to-do lists, calendar, OrbitChat, built-in document folder, feeds, viewers, search, security and safety protocols, and cloud storage Integrations, it’s hard to pass up.

Even though other tools are similar to Microsoft Teams, finding a collaboration app that fits your needs can take some searching and even some unneeded trial and error. While Microsoft is a great product, unless you use its products across the board, its flexibility is limited.

Having an app that offers more flexibility will help your workflow move smoothly. Clariti is an app that will help you improve team collaboration and boost productivity with the flexibility you need when change is required. Searching for alternatives to Microsoft Teams is essential when you need more tools at your disposal. Finding an app that will fit your needs is a crucial step forward to more productivity and greater success.




Clariti is a business productivity web app that brings your emails, chats, call, to-dos, & shared documents… in one app.