Change… it’s a frightening word. Many people shiver at the thought of big changes, while others welcome them with open arms. Sometimes we focus so hard on keeping things “normal”, that we forget how important change actually is for growth. We get so stuck in our comfort zones that change ends up feeling distant, and when things do change we become uncomfortable. But change can be such a benefit to your lifestyle, work, and relationships and is actually quite essential to evolve.

Sometimes all it takes is one person spotting a problem that needs to be fixed, or a solution to something you didn’t realize was missing. Of course, this is a business blog so let’s focus on change in your organization. Are there problems that you spot? No workplace is perfect and I am sure that you can create a list of things that you would change in your career. So why not start? Creating change is as easy as spotting an issue and fixing it with small steps.

For example, at our organization we have some colleagues who were struggling to meet their deadlines. Our timeline was constantly being pushed back and it was frustrating to manage. After spotting this issue, we decided we needed to do something about this. We researched different management strategies and found out the best fix for this issue at our organization was to use a task-management software. This allowed us to hold employees accountable for the tasks they were assigned. It also helped management keep track of all the tasks that they assigned; in turn allowing tasks to be assigned more effectively. This was a gap in our management system that we didn’t even realize we needed a fix for. We realized after keeping better track of tasks that we were overwhelming our employees and that we needed to hire in more people. Problem solved!

Feeling valued and like your thoughts and ideas are important is such an necessity in a career. No matter who you are in the organization, the newest intern or the CEO, you should always feel as though you have a say. Many times we are too frightened to share our ideas because we feel as though our idea will be ignored, or even worse, rejected for being a bad idea. We want to go with the flow and not upset the status quo in order stay comfortable. But, as the saying goes, “great things never come from comfort zones”. You should never feel like you shouldn’t share your thoughts because the truth is change can begin with as little as one person and that person could be you!

You should always be striving to be better; a better employee, a better manager/coworker, and overall a better organization. In order to achieve betterment, you must also always be searching for change. Not to reject the phrase “if you have a good thing, don’t change it”, but you more to say that you should never stop learning. You should always be striving to learn new things and explore new options in order to grow as a company and improve your organization for the long run.

At Clariti we use many tools to help our company grow including social media management platforms. Although we are happy with our current management system, we are always looking into new tools and alternatives to ensure that we are getting the most bang for our buck. Whenever we see a new product on Product Hunt or come across a cool tweet, we always make sure to check it out to see if it could help our company. We are passionate about new knowledge and are always reading blogs about social media strategies, marketing strategies, and startups.

The truth is that fresh ideas are incredibly valuable! So valuable in fact that people pay for services that allow customers to give them feedback! Why not save your company some time and money and give that feedback yourself? Just a little motivation to remind you how valuable you and your ideas are.

So, go ahead and explore our product, Clariti. Spread the word. Maybe it’s something you think will make a difference in your organization. Maybe it won’t. But as we said earlier, it takes just one person to effect change. And that person could be YOU!