What is the ideal productivity app?

3 min readDec 23, 2020

Remote working has become the way of life for many recently. And while a lot of people have already adjusted themselves to this new-normal, many others are just getting settled in. There have been two major problems identified with having a remote team.

1. The productivity of the team is in question

2. Effective communication within the team has been a challenge.

Now, there is no end to the list of apps that claim to increase your productivity and make your team work better. They may actually work, I am not disputing that, but what about them makes it work? There are definitely features that most of these apps share and also some unique features that makes them stand out.

After a lot of research, I’ve put together a list of the best features that Productivity Apps have, which makes them click. So, drumroll please

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Cross-Platform Availability with Todoist

People seem to really appreciate it when a tool is available to them on all their devices. In today’s world, everyone is working on/carrying at least two devices around. A smartphone, duh, and a laptop or desktop for work. Having important information, especially details of a to-do list or your notes app integrated into all your devices makes a lot of sense. That way, its accessible and editable wherever you go, as is the case with Todoist.

Organized Information with Clariti

When your work gets scattered, you spend a lot of time organizing information across all the apps, wasting time. So, having an app that automatically organizes the work, will definitely help you out. Take for instance, Clariti. This app has a feature called Threads which automatically organizes your chats, emails and to-dos. It is done in such a way that all information that are correlated are grouped together into threads, making it easy to find. Therefore, the mindless task of searching for information is removed from your day. People can be added to and removed from the thread very easily, thus making information sharing also simple.

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Taskade’s Clean UI

Having a clean and customizable UI is very important for a productivity app. Many wouldn’t put this on the list as their first priority. But that’s mainly because they don’t recognize it as something contributing to their day. In reality, the UI of whatever app you’re using contributes to a huge part of your productivity. The cleaner and more organized the UI, the more organized your day is. The simple pastels and customizable bars on Taskade allows you to work mess-free. There is a study that says clutter affects the way you work. That is not just restricted to your physical clutter, but the one on your screen too!

Information Sharing on Trello

From a professional standpoint, this feature is especially important. It comes in handy if your productivity tool doubles as your work app. For instance, if you need to share your progress with a higher up, a tool that tracks your work would be perfect to send to them. An app that allows you to send messages to other users is another feature that contributes to a good productivity app. You should be able to share files, messages and images.

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App Integrations on Slack

Having multiple productivity tools sort of beats the purpose of having a Productivity Tool all-together. Many productivity apps offer this feature and there’s a clear reason it works. As a user, signing into so many accounts, especially on multiple platforms can get annoying. But what if your cloud, social media, chat and email were all in one place. A single sign-in and you are good to go for the day. Those who are in Digital Marketing will especially find this feature useful. As they are handling multiple collaterals across platforms, it’s important to have a central accessibility.




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