Why all businesses must embrace ‘connected apps’

A connected app is a SaaS-based platform that integrates diverse communication tools like emails, chats, social feeds, events, calendar, meetings, cloud storage, and file viewers in one place. Since these applications are hosted in the cloud, they are accessible to all team members who have internet connection. Organizations implementing a connected apps solution like Clariti enjoy the benefits of having all their systems work together, smoothly and securely to enable effective collaboration.

According to research, 56% of enterprises and 66% of small and midsize businesses are planning to implement or upgrade to some kind of unified communications and collaboration solutions within the next year. Switching to a connected apps platform like Clariti will not only help companies stay competitive and align with changing demands and expectations, it can also improve their bottom line. Let’s see how.

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As more and more teams work remote, conversations between them may take many different forms. They can be via a group chat or a conference call or even emails. As conversations on the same topic happen across different media it becomes hard to keep track of them. In Clariti, you can have all types of conversation using the same app. Clariti automatically connects related conversations into threads. This automatic organization increases productivity as there is less time spent searching for information and nothing falls through the cracks.

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A single connected apps platform can save your employees from wasting time searching through lists of emails, multiple files, chats and what have you, looking for information so they can accomplish company objectives more efficiently. Enhanced communication and operations processes will allow companies to get their idea and product to the market more quickly. The faster a company responds to its customers; the higher will be its profitability

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By switching to a Saas based application like Clariti, companies can save in multiple ways. There will be no need for hardware or server infrastructure, internal maintenance team, license renewal, integrations with other applications etc. The cost of installation, maintenance and management are completely absent. Companies can benefit by consolidating all their cloud-based applications into one centralized unified communications solution and cut down its administration time and cost as there will be only one vendor and one bill to pay at the end of the month.

Being able to better serve the customers and improve their experience will be the top priority for any company. A disconnected communication system could be hurting your customer service efforts through increased time needed to respond to customer queries. Having access to a unified communication platform like Clariti will give your employees the ability to respond to customers no matter how they reached out asking for support. Clariti automatically connects all your customers’ incoming calls, chats, and emails in topic-based threads. With all the pertinent information collated in one place, in a thread, the customer service team can respond quickly*. Whenever any customer contacts your business, your business representatives will have access to all the notes and important information associated with that contact. This will lead to faster resolutions and quick turnaround time.

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Millennials, who comprise the majority of the world’s workforce, are rendering connected apps platforms absolutely essential to modern businesses. This agile workforce demands a more flexible work environment that extends beyond the confines of the office walls. A survey by Bentley University found that 77% of millennials think that flexible work hours would increase their productivity at work. Another study points out that they are even willing to give up pay and delay promotions to get a flexible work schedule. It is crucial for companies to attract and retain this young talent force and only a tool like Clariti will help them do it.

A unified communications platform can transform how companies communicate and collaborate. For companies, it can be a cost-effective approach that can yield a great return on investment. If companies are serious about building stronger and more cohesive teams, speed up the decision-making process, improve employee satisfaction, reduce turnover, lower operational costs and boost productivity, they must have a connected apps solution like Clariti in place.

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