Work from home productivity hacks and techniques

Jun 14, 2024


Businesses need to put in place thorough work-from-home policies for employers that handle the particular difficulties associated with remote work if they want to improve the working-from-home environment. Equitable importance should be given to creating a culture of open communication and trust as well as providing people with the tools and technology they need. Staff members can remain motivated and involved with regular virtual check-ins, team-building exercises, and open goal-setting.

How to be effective when working from home:

  1. Set a Routine
  2. Create a Dedicated Workspace
  3. Stay Connected
  4. Use Effective Tools
  5. Prioritize Tasks

The practical uses to facilitate WFH

  1. Clariti AI
  2. Slack
  3. Microsoft Teams
  4. Notion
  5. Zoom

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